Technical capacity and innovation

Rasacha has a Technical Management Staff whose goal is to contribute to increase competitiveness and business efficiency through high-value technical solutions for our customers, enabling Rasacha be awarded new works, while also improving the performance of the works already contracted and minimizing the technical risks involved.

The Technical Management Staff comprises highly specialized teams, each tailored to the sector developed (project management, construction, civil engineering, project planning, transport and installations).

Rasacha focuses innovation on areas directly related to its clients by applying specific solutions to solve every problem that arises, remaining innovation a fundamental cornerstone of its business philosophy.

One of the objectives of Rasacha is to endow its works with the most advanced technology, thereby achieving high levels of efficiency and innovation in order to become a technical and technological benchmark for its customers.

Innovation represents an important added value to Rasacha, being a differentiating factor in the current highly competitive market.

Aware of the importance of Research, Development and Technological Innovation activities, Rasacha has developed an organizational structure that strengthens the generation of ideas and innovative practices, focusing efforts on R+D+I in:

  • New materials and construction processes
  • Durability and safety in construction projects
  • Technologies in the execution of the work
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improvement of Labor Risk Prevention
  • Environmental preservation

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