GRUPO RASACHA incorporated in 2016 a new client, the prestigious hearing solutions company AMPLIFON, a world leader in the sector, present in 19 countries and currently in full expansion.

GRUPO RASACHA will begin developing works for Amplifon in Portugal to later execute works in Spain.
Amplifon is considered the leading company in the field of hearing correction, aiming to improve the quality of life of people with hearing difficulties, and after a consultation, the production and marketing of hearing aids, which leads to constant innovation in their product.

Amplifon centers, with a surface between 70 and 100 m2 and a modern and dynamic image, are equipped with the latest developments in its facilities. It is important to emphasize the acoustic solutions that are provided, creating totally soundproof rooms where the Hearing tests are performed, which will be decisive in guaranteeing an optimal result.

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