Rasacha focuses all its efforts to join the movement of sustainable development, assuming respect for the environment as a fundamental factor in the implementation of its projects, committing therefore to prevent, protect and conserve the environment in all its activities.

Rasacha’s commitment to environmental protection goes beyond compliance with current environmental regulations. In order to do so, the company provides all the necessary resources to achieve customer satisfaction, while at the same time complying with all legal requirements, respecting environmental protection.

The Rasacha team centers upon a continuous improvement of environmental performance executing its projects in an orderly and rational manner, reducing therefore the impact on the environment and focusing on the key aspects of its works for the prevention of pollution.

Rasacha has an environmental management plan embodying with each work, activity or service performed.

The main premises within this plan are:

  • Raising awareness and training its employees on the environmental policy of the company, involving them in the respect for it in all its activities.
  • Disseminate environmental policy among all employees, subcontractors, suppliers and even among customers, by delivering them a copy of that policy.
  • Minimizing the production of generated wastes by implementing the appropriate measures for reducing, reusing and recycling it.
  • Ensuring proper disposal and sound management of non-recoverable waste.
  • Implementing the necessary measures to prevent pollution of the environment (atmosphere, water and soil) and reduce emissions to the minimum when this is not possible.
  • Improving the control of atmospheric emissions (dust, gases and noise).
  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources by using recycled and / or recyclable products and promoting energy savings.
  • Applying corrective measures in response to any possible non-compliance found regarding the environmental policy of the company.

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