Rehabilitation works

Consolidated in the building sector, Rasacha has gained a substantial foothold in the field of rehabilitation, thanks to a team of highly qualified technical professionals that provide quality, commitment and seriousness, positioning it in a place of prestige in the market.

Developing both full or partial rehabilitation of buildings, rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage and rehabilitation of facades, the company offers its customers technical support which addresses each project from inception to completion, freeing them of technical and administrative burden and providing them with a comprehensive turnkey service.

The technical team, given the complexity of rehabilitation either total or partial, previously analyzes the work paying special attention to the historical period of the building and the environment, determining the conditioning factors in the building degradation, studying the techniques and the most suitable materials for subsequently run efficiently.

In the development of historical and cultural heritage rehabilitation or comprehensive recovery of urban areas defined as historical heritage, Rasacha counts on specific professionals to intervene in this type of rehabilitation, since it takes other knowledge (historical, construction methods).

Immersed in today’s society and noting the problem of the numerous existing architectural barriers in residential buildings, which limit the movements of neighbors restricting their freedom, Rasacha promotes the removal of these barriers, so there is a department which from the client request moves to place, studies the particularities of the building in each case to give the optimal solution, being the least invasive:

  • Installation of lifting platform.
  • Implementation of elevator.
  • Elevator down to the ground level.
  • Access ramps.
  • Housing adaptation.

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