Labor risk prevention

In order to maintain security for its workers at the highest level, Rasacha promotes the training in labor risk prevention and the implementation of occupational health and safety programs, necessary measures to ensure that workers perform their work in a safer environment, complying with applicable safety regulations, a priority in all places where the company does business.

Rasacha is committed to disseminate Labor Risk Prevention Policy by means of training programs adapted to all levels of the company, from its staff in office to the one on a construction site raising awareness among its workers and fostering a preventive culture in all activities and areas, pursuing the goal of “zero accidents” through a monitoring and control work, having the risk prevention technical staff make regular visits to our works and workplaces, where measures to follow are established to correct any deficiencies found and carry out the preventive measure proposed for each of them, eliminating all risk.

Rasacha is organized through an external and concerted prevention service, which is also responsible for the surveillance of health.

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