Interior design

Rasacha employs the latest trends in interior design, innovative techniques and the most exclusive materials, so you can get a unique interior architecture service, planning, refurbishing and decorating your home or business, thus achieving custom-made spaces that suit your interests, defining uses, tastes and needs, a vital, comfortable and unique space.

Rasacha offers counseling and advice on the aesthetics and functionality, integrating two completely connected services, renovation and decoration, providing a comprehensive and complete service, making an interior design project for which it is involved in an open dialogue with the client to analyze the uses of space and define the needs regarding infrastructure, installations and furniture, offering the possibility of displaying a previous 3D simulation, so they can make adjustments and changes without having to rectify the project once the reform has been started, speeding and thereby reducing the execution time of the project and budget.

In this way, Rasacha offers customers a well-defined proposal, with rigorous execution dates and an effective budget that minimize deviations.

Once the project has been defined, the implementation process begins under the coordination and supervision of a Project Manager who will closely monitor the work. This makes it possible to undertake the project with special attention to the quality of materials and finishes.

Finally, to ensure that the customer’s expectations have been reached, the project is monitored down to the smallest detail to meet the needs for which it was designed.

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