Energy Efficiency

Energy saving and energy-efficient buildings are key to reducing gas emissions. The core of the construction sector rests on energy efficiency and on the reduction of emissions, using renewable energy and achieving cost savings.

Rasacha seeks the resulting effects:

  • Emission reduction
  • Indoor air quality and high quality construction
  • Optimize resources so that homes and commercial premises require less energy consumption, environmentally-aware and towards a sustainable future, without sacrificing aesthetics, lightness or specific technical characteristics of architecture.

Rasacha offers its clients a management service for processing, renewal or upgrade of the energy performance certificate, both for housing and for commercial premises, by which they will be assigned a label backed by an energy certificate, with a maximum duration of 10 years.

The rating of the energy certificate will be determined by the materials of the facade and its orientation, the elements of housing such as ceilings, walls and floors, the quality of windows and shutters, the heating and air conditioning systems and the type of fuel used.

The certificate shall inform purchasers or users on the energy characteristics of their buildings, providing the possibility of evaluating and comparing their energy efficiency with respect to other properties, so they can choose the house that spends less on electricity and gas bills.

The energy certificate is mandatory for all individuals and promoters of a building or housing unit for sale or rent, who wish to rent or sell their property and for those applying for a grant or assistance to rehabilitate their building.

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