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Rasacha is a partnership which was set up in 2001 under the trade name Interiorismos Rasacha, S.L. Headquartered in Madrid, it operates at national level and it is dedicated to construction, rehabilitation and comprehensive housing reform (offices, corporate headquarters), being its presence especially significant in the execution of works of large and small commercial premises. The quality, commitment, efficiency and expertise in the areas of activity, resource management and the relationship with our customers support the work performed by the company.

Rasacha has grown to reach a highly qualified position, following an evolution and a balanced and sustained development, thanks to the importance given to material-technical resources and to the emphasis on human capital, thereby achieving a competitive team capable of facing the challenges of the market, pursuing leadership and excellence.

Since it was founded, Rasacha has gradually extended its spheres of activities and the volume of its work and it was awarded major projects for the Group El Corte Inglés, Metro de Madrid, SSP (Select Service Partner, SA), SCP (Creación y Producción de Eventos), Aena, among others.

Rasacha’s performance and success are due to the faithful fulfillment of its objectives:

  • To offer competitive advantages based on high-quality team, technical excellence and constant innovationon each project.
  • A corporate culture focused on meeting customer needs through efficient organization and dynamic management.
  • Reliability based on transparency towards the business partners and customers.
  • All of our actions are subject to oversight mechanism and quality control.


Rasacha, aware of the commitment that it acquires with its clients, has the necessary resources to guarantee that the works carried out by the company strictly adhere to all specifications, standards, plans and applicable codes.
As a result, Rasacha provides a service and innovative coverage to its customers in the construction industry, satisfying their needs at all times.

As a result of the growth and consolidation that Rasacha achieved after fifteen years of operation in the National Market, Rasacha establishes its new objectives in International Markets; Bursting in 2016 in the Portuguese Market with its new brand IRG Construcciones, whose headquarters is implanted in Oporto, in this way GRUPO RASACHA is created; Applying the values and the guidelines that gave birth and then grow to its parent company.

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