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Commitment, quality and efficiency
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Integral service
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Global enterprise

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As a professional in the beauty sector, and before creating a new look or choosing a new product, there are three key elements I always take into account: care, quality and effectiveness. From the very beginning, RASACHA held all those essentials that I consider when working with my clients, as well. The result is visible to all the customers who visit monthly our Salon. Thank you so much to RASACHA for understanding, caring, and above all, delivering such high expectations that we had put into this project. THANK YOU.

Pablo Perez – Hair&More

The work done by Rasacha from the start of the project until the implementation was thorough and with high quality, attention to detail and maintaining a high level of control in all phases of the work.

Juan López

My housing reforms were carried out in a tight deadline and with the greatest possible care. All what we project initially we carried out with exquisite clarity and cleanliness.

Manuela Fernández

My villa rehabilitation was carefully planned and carried out by highly qualified and motivated staff, who met safety standards at all times. The result was highly satisfactory.

Francisco Mera Valle

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