Rasacha begins to collaborate with Supercor chain in 2003, a neighborhood format become a benchmark in purchasing food and consumer products.

Thanks to its seriousness, commitment and professionalism, Rasacha has gained a highly-renowned position in the construction of such premises through turnkey system, obtaining a significant recognition from customers, respecting clear objectives which are within the core values ​​of the company: quality, efficiency and meeting deadlines.

In implementing the Supercor of Santander, Rasacha found a special feature which was that under the premises where the Supercor shop was going to be built there was the Capitol Cinema parking, to which El Corte Inglés should build a mezzanine within to expand its capacity as part of the lease.

The company should conduct a reinforcement of the existing foundation, given that the expected loads for the project of the cinema’s parking would be increased, all compounded by the existence of serious structural problems in it, since the water table in the area was very high.

After many difficulties, which prevented micro piling works that had been planned for the premises to make progress, it was possible to design a parallel system of performance that helped drain the water from the ground to get to finish the micro piling works.


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