Relevant projects

  • Todos
  • Commercial construccion activity-retail
  • Residential construction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Interior design
  • Infraestructure construction

  • The Company is able to propose interior designs to its customers with absolute assurance that the final finishing of the work will be identical to the 3D design proposed.

  • The experience gained over the years allows Rasacha to undertake the construction of new buildings with innovative and modern rehabilitation and restoration finishes.

  • Rasacha builds all kinds of public works for the development and operation of the structural organization of the city in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

  • Rasacha participated in the works of expansion, remodeling, decoration, equipment and installation of Urgel Metro Station in Madrid.

  • Exclusive homes, where it cares down to the last detail, offering high quality finishes.

  • We specialize in comprehensive housing reform, turning customer needs into real events.

  • Our collaboration begins in 2003, a neighborhood format become a benchmark in purchasing food and consumer goods.

  • Rasacha makes its first collaboration in 2003 building nineteen stores, getting to go hand in hand with the chain in its national expansion.

  • A format built by Rasacha characterized by having a location on industrial estates and important dimensions along with large and exposed installations.

  • Rasacha is responsible for remodeling and adapting half of the premises to open a Sports shop in these, while the part of Sfera is open to the public.

  • Rasacha started building stores in 2005 collaborating with the firm on its expansion to national level, building and refurbishing 198 Opencor stores.

  • In 2010, Rasacha runs the project Caffé Ritazza Malaga Airport, characterized by a dynamic space which is at the same time neat and nice.

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